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No. 116: Swimming Upstream

⁂ Nashville's Alt-Daily ⁂ Special Session · Formulas · Buckhead City · Woke-acracy · Much More!

Good morning, everyone.

After this morning's rain, we're looking at a dry day here in Nashville. Below, we cover the upcoming special session concerning Covid-19 policies in the state, the formula that determines how schools get funding, the movement to create a new Buckhead City in Atlanta, and a smattering of other topics. Stay dry out there.

Thanks for reading.

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📚 Another Very Special Session

What to expect
Tomorrow, a second special session following the Ford megasite special session that was carried out last week is set to address Covid related issues. Coming down the pipe you can expect to see discussions revolving around banning masking and vaccine mandates in schools and across Tennessee. Vaccination mandates for Covid-19 have been so politicized that skepticism and public distrust are sewn into the public’s opinion about government’s involvement in health campaigns, mandates, and initiatives in general. This has been fuelling Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton in his pursuit for a special session since August.

Something else to note
Protecting workers from Federal vaccination mandates seems to be on the minds of Tennessee legislators as well. A bill is in motion that would allow unemployment benefits for workers who experience termination due to rejecting a mandated vaccine in their workplace. As filed, it looks that we can expect this bill to come up during special session II if it is added to the agenda.

🧮 What's in a formula?

The Department of Education released dates for eight town halls that are organised to facilitate conversations about the funding formula of public education in Tennessee. Notoriously confusing, the Basic Education Program Education (BEP) is used to calculate how funds are allocated to each school district.  Commissioner Penny Schwinn has set up these regional meetings to create a sounding board that will give the Department of Education a better understanding of what communities are experiencing and seeking from public education. The town halls will be both in person and virtual, and questions can be submitted ahead of time. Check out the schedule posted by News Channel Five.



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🍑 How to Build a City

In what could become a sign of things to come, the wealthy North Atlanta suburb, Buckhead, is pursuing the creation of Buckhead City as distinct from Greater Atlanta. Motivated by heavy taxation and a 60% increase in violent crime since this time last year, residents of the area feel they aren't getting their money's worth. Forming a new city would allow them to enlist and pay their own police — that they promise will have some of the highest salaries in the nation — and allocate tax dollars in greater alignment with the area's needs.

Detractors, such as Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, point out that were Buckhead to form its own city, the realignment would leave a gaping hole in the city's budget. Despite constituting just 20% of the city's population, Buckhead accounts for nearly 50% of the city's property tax revenue. Additionally, the median household income in Buckhead is $140,000 while the rest of the city's is just over $50,000. The area is also significantly whiter than the rest of Atlanta. A new Buckhead city would be nearly 75% white while the rest of the city would be 30% white.

Until 2016 and the emergence of the Big Bad Orange Man, Donald Trump, Buckhead voted reliably Republican in national elections. Since the latest GOP contortion, the area has developed an affinity for Democrat candidates, voting overwhelmingly for Clinton and Biden in the previous two elections. Despite their affinity for Democrats in D.C., Buckskulls (residents of the future Buckhead City) still support right-leaning candidates in local elections. Similar in ways to the Greater Idaho Movement in Oregon, Buckhead's attempt to leave Atlanta indicates a trend that we're likely to see more of as communities attempt to wrest control of their sovereignty from crumbling public institutions.




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🖼 The Frist Art Museum has an exhibit celebrating ascendant Art Deco art from the 1920s and 1930s running until January.

🎸 The Doobie Brothers @ Bridgestone Arena, 7:30p, Info
💀 Grateful Monday ft. Hooteroll? @ Acme, 7p, FREE Info

Covid Gutter
Thoughts and news concerning everyone's favorite viral pandemic.


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