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The Pamphleteer is an arts, culture, and politics publication based in Nashville, TN.

We call ourselves an alt-daily to pay homage to the alt-weekly print model. In place of comprehensive coverage, we focus on distinct issues and believe cultural commentary is as important as breaking news. As you will notice, our politics are very different from what you traditionally associate with the "alt-weekly" model typified in Nashville by the Scene.


Corporate and progressive media dominate the landscape in the state of Tennessee. The word "independent"—typically associated with legacy brands such as the Nashville Scene—means less and less as time goes on. Many of the perspectives from local media outlets you read come from an almost identical perspective, inseparable from the tone and tenor of politics at the federal level.

The Pamphleteer seeks to reinvigorate local discourse by offering fresh, regional perspectives on local topics. It is our hope that through our work, we can challenge readers to engage more earnestly in local politics and motivate leaders to reach higher and farther in their efforts to make Nashville a world-class city.


Founder/Editor-in-Chief Davis Hunt

Lead Contributor, Nashville Megan Lee Podsiedlik
Lead Contributor, Culture Jerod Ra'del Hollyfield

Contributor, Events Camelia Brennan
Contributor, Sports Austin Miles Harrington
Contributor, Food & Health Geneva DeCobert


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