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No. 231: The Stupidity is the Point

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Good morning, everyone.

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Today, we take a look at the 5th Congressional district's fund-raising efforts so far and survey the field of candidates, look at how the stupidity of much propaganda is the point, and then point to a specific instance where falling for propaganda has negative side effects.

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Q1 Campaign Financial Disclosures were due for candidates throughout Tennessee no later than April 10th. As we await a full system update, allow us to disclose the few financial standings we know for the Congressional race in the 5th district.


The field is getting dense, especially for the Republican primary ballot that will take place on August 4th, but there is currently a bill sitting on the Governor’s desk that may affect two of the candidate’s eligibility. Trump endorsed Morgan Ortagus and Hollywood defector Robby Starbuck both face the possibility of disqualification if the bill since it will require congressional candidates to have lived in the state of Tennessee for a minimum of 3 years and within their district for a minimum of 1 year, passes into law. It seems as though Starbuck doesn’t think the bill will affect him, but a super PAC plans to file a lawsuit against the state if the legislation passes and that PAC seems to be connected to Ortagus.

In the meantime, a few candidates stand out more than others. Here is a list of everyone who is currently on the Republican ticket in the 5th.


Andy Ogles Maury County Mayor. Appeals to the local Williamson, Wilson, Davidson, Maury county voters. Has an established older and younger Republican base. Directs Tennessee’s Chapter of Americans For Prosperity.

Robby Starbuck A Music video producer who moved out of California after being ostracized by the community because of his right-wing values. He has online influence and is popular among younger Republicans.

Beth Harwell Former Tennessee Speaker of the House. Harwell has an established base in Williamson and Davidson counties as well as name recognition and respect across Tennessee.

Natisha Brooks Recently placed 2nd in the Wilson County Republican straw poll after speaking the other night.

Kurt Winstead Retired Brigadier General and businessman with strong ties in Williamson County. May be a dark horse candidate. His campaign finances are reflecting the loyalty he is drawing.

Morgan Ortagus Trump-endorsed candidate, Navy Reserve officer, intelligence analyst for the Treasury Department during the Obama administration. Personally targeted by the new bill in the TN legislature that may disqualify her from running because she has only lived in the state for a short time.


Baxter Lee, Tres Wittum, Jeff Beierlein, Timothy Bruce Lee, Stewart T. Parks, & Geni Batchelor.


Derrick Brantley, Daniel Cooper, & Rick Shannon.


Heidi Campbell




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We commonly associate propaganda with brainwashing — messages designed to persuade citizens. But, that's not the only purpose of propaganda. In addition to blocking out signals that could undermine a regime's goals, propaganda also serves to remind citizens of its power.

Many of the more unhinged, easily falsifiable stories you see float through the press serve the sole purpose of flexing muscle. Only a strong institution can afford to waste resources putting a same-sex kiss in a child's movie, insisting on its sincerity, then removing said kiss when the movie is exported to China. A smaller, weaker organization could not do this. The message looks something like, "Yes, we know this is wrong, but you are powerless to do anything about it." We see this in China, in the US, and elsewhere across the globe.

As Voltaire put it, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." What's important to remember is that propaganda is an expression of power and not actual power. Potentially worse than falling for it would be the belief that it signals god-like omnipotence.


  • What Quantum Mechanics Can Teach Us about Abortion (Scientific American)
  • The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election (Time)
  • Illinois church bans music and liturgical contributions by white people, claims it is “fasting from whiteness” (Rebel News)


Credit Derek Thompson, The Atlantic; data from the CDC.

Much of the rhetoric around excessively and outwardly supporting people with deviant sexual orientations comes from an emotional place. We are to care for those that are suffering and accommodate them. If you don't do everything within your power to care for and accommodate those that are suffering, then you are a heartless pig.

But what if, and bear with me here, modern ideas around sexuality and gender roles are inherently destructive, regardless of their intent? What if the intent to accommodate those that are suffering under the regime's schizophrenic gender ideology is more damaging than steering them away from it? There will always be those that live deviant lifestyles, but for the vast, vast majority of people, they are better off simply living as their parents did.

These are obvious points for most of our readers, but in addition to the LGBTQ+ stuff, consider that feminism, oft-overlooked since the Dawn of the Tranny, has led women down an equally destructive path. Alcoholism rates among American women are higher than in any nation in the world. American men, on the other hand, don't even clock-in in the top 10. Could it be that the head-on rush to get women into the workplace is "against nature"?

The silver lining here is that how you live is still a decision that only you can make. Come what may from the US government's disinformation factory, these are decisions that you can still make. It may be more difficult now than it was in the past, but it's still up to you.




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