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No. 265: The Moral Implications of Inflation

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Good morning, everyone.

I linked out to an essay in Spectator World yesterday titled 'The moral cost of inflation' which, as you'd guess, dives into the moral implications of a culture that accepts inflation as the norm. It's a very thought-provoking read — unfortunately behind a paywall — that's worth a second look.

On inflation's effect on behavior:

But inflation’s most damaging effect may be its debasement of social behavior. Money, after all, is more than a measuring instrument. By providing a mutually-agreed-upon, stable unit of value, money facilitates trust between buyer and seller, lender and borrower. It helps people cooperate in a market economy based on expectations that promises will be fulfilled. Money I’m borrowing from you will be the same value as the money I will use to repay you ten years from now. Stable money promotes the market equivalent of the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

On how inflation mixes up the signal between effort and reward:

Inflation severs the link between effort and reward. Adam Fergusson writes that in Weimar Germany, “as the old virtues of thrift, honesty and hard work lost their appeal, everybody was out to get rich quickly, especially as speculation in currency or shares could palpably yield far greater rewards than labor.” Before World War One, bribery had been almost unheard of. However, by 1924,
There were few in any class of society who were not infected by, or prey to, the pervasive, soul-destroying influence of the constant erosion of capital or earnings and uncertainty about the future. From tax-evasion, food-hoarding, currency speculation, or illegal exchange transactions — all crimes against the State, each of which to a greater or lesser degree became for individuals a matter of survival — it was a short step to breaching one or other of the Ten Commandments.

It shouldn't be surprising that it's during periods of heavy inflation that citizens turn to strongman leaders such as Adolf Hitler or Napoleon.


Today, we look at Robby Starbuck's second attempt to get back on the ballot, parse apart the tactics the Western powers use to weaken the Iranian Islamic Republic, and look at who shouts the loudest.

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Robby Starbuck heads back to court for the second time tomorrow morning in an effort to regain his place on the August Republican primary ballot. The Tennessee 5th district US Congressional candidate hopeful was kicked off the ballot after not qualifying according to Tennessee’s Republican party bona fide standards. Starbuck was kicked off the ballot along with two other Republican 5th district candidates; Trump endorsed Morgan Ortagus and Tennessee local Baxter Lee.


Starbuck first took his case to court back at the beginning of May where District Court of the Middle District of Tennessee Chief Judge Waverly Crenshaw denied his request for reinstatement on the ballot. Ruling that Mr. Starbuck was not entitled to a preliminary injunction and denying that there was a violation of Starbuck’s first amendment rights, Judge Crenshaw did imply that his decision left the candidate time to file at the state level. That is precisely what Starbuck decided to do.


On May 20th, Starbuck filed his second lawsuit in pursuit of the 2022 Tennessee election ballot. This time he filed a complaint/petition at the state level against the Tennessee Republican Party and the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee. Davidson Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins will be presiding over a hearing tomorrow morning (June 2, 2022) at 9:30 a.m..


Touting his right to the Republican ticket as a true representative of the conservative grassroots movement, Starbuck has continued his pursuit in and out of the courtroom. While fellow disqualified candidate Baxter Lee has quietly moved on, Morgan Ortagus redirected her energy off the ballot and has joined 5th district Congressional candidate Kurt Winstead’s campaign. Instead of finding a new place to put his energy and charisma, Starbuck has continued on the campaign trail.


In a forum held at Lipscomb University and hosted by USA Today, Robby Starbuck was invited to take the stage among the other qualified 5th district US Congressional candidates due to his pending lawsuits. During the forum Starbuck stood firm on his rejection of “establishment” PAC money and stated that, if elected, he will be a vote for District 5.

Starbuck’s continuous war on the Tennessee Republican Party and his strong sentiments against receiving money from PACs, inside players and outside voices contrasts with his message and actual campaign finance records. Starbuck has received donations from multiple PACs. He also has the most diverse list of donor contributions with donations from people in more than 15 states. Other front-running candidates, like Kurt Winstead and Beth Harwell, have received campaign contributions from mostly Tennesseans. Depending on the outcome of this second lawsuit, we will soon find out if the nature of Robby Starbuck’s last ditch efforts to keep his campaign alive will benefit his platform or poison the seed of his grassroots crusade.




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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to be a strong proponent of avoiding any kind of nuclear deal with Iran. In 2018, Netanyahu's testimony arguing against the deal armed then president Trump with enough oompf to pull the US out of the arrangement as he had promised on the campaign trail.

One of the Biden administration's core policy initiatives is to re-engage with Iran and forge a new nuclear deal. In essence, the deal gives Iran permission to advance far enough in the nuclear development process to be approximately one year out from developing nuclear capabilities in exchange for slackened sanctions.

During his 2016 campaign, Trump famously said, "If you take a look at Iran from four, five years ago they were dying. They had sanctions, they were being choked to death and they were dying. They weren't even going to be much of a threat. They didn't have anything going and now they're a power. Overnight, we've made them a power." He then called the nuclear deal "the highest level of incompetence." The slight was directed at Barrack Obama who had heralded the deal in exchange for letting off the sanction gas in a kind of "we're one big, happy family" kind of way.

The argument of Netanyahu, which has subsequently been adopted by the GOP, is that the deal incentivizes the armament of the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism — a POV that's difficult to argue against. Netanyahu and most conservatives firmly believe that any deal made with Iran needs to be contingent on the dismantling of all enrichment capabilities, the dismantling of all intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities, an end to all research on nuclear weaponization, and an end to terrorism and aggression throughout the Middle East and beyond.

The animosity between Iran and Israel goes back decades and is too complicated to parse out here. Suffice it to say that the conflict has a name, the Iran-Israel proxy conflict, a Wikipedia entry, and Iranian leaders' unvarnished declaration that they are seeking to dissolve the country which in their mind is an "imposed regime" on the region's non-Jewish citizens.

Now that we know where Netanyahu stands on this issue, we can dig into why I brought your attention to this issue in the first place.

Way back in 2002, following 9/11 and as tension in the Middle East began to reach a boil, then PM Benjamin Netanyahu called upon the US government to effect regime change in both Iraq and Iran. His proposed method to accomplish this?

Netanyahu told the House Government Reform Committee that the US "could incite a revolution against the conservative Iranian clergy through the use of such Fox Broadcasting staples as 'Melrose Place' and 'Beverly Hills 90210'" — both shows depict a glamorous and liberated American lifestyle. He elaborated, "This is pretty subversive stuff. The kids of Iran would want the nice clothes they see on those shows. They would want the swimming pools and fancy lifestyles."

In 1953, the US/UK tried more direct measures to effect regime change running a color revolution under the name "Operation Ajax" to install a Western-sympathetic Iranian leader. That effort lasted until 1979 when that government was overthrown and replaced by the present Islamic republic. In effect, a liberal revolution in the 50s was made obsolete by a conservative revolution in the 70s. Think what you want about Iran and how the US should deal with them, but there is clearly a lesson here.

Netanyahu — the longest-serving PM in Israel's short history — was a capable, but divisive leader during his time in office. That he suggested using TV to effect a revolution should not be taken lightly. Here we are 20 years later, surrounded by propaganda of a different variety from companies like Disney and Netflix in their attempt to dissuade the more grounded, conservative regions of the country from their "backward" ways. It was inevitable that the "regime change" tactics of the Western powers would come home to roost and be turned on American citizens as the ruling class grew further and further apart from the people they claim to rule.


Political aspect most important for white and college-educated. @TheFIREorg data shows that a very liberal white female student who supports the idea of shouting down a speaker to prevent them speaking has around a 7 in 10 chance of being LGBT (@epkaufm)




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