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Weekend Digest

Weekend Digest

Nice, spring weekend with an 80% chance of rain on Saturday. Last chance to catch Cheekwood in Bloom.

Friday, 4/9
🦐 Crawfish Boil w/ The Gumbo Bros in the Gulch • Info (4:30-7)
🎸 Robet Earl Keen at the Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater • Tickets (7)
🎸 Jax Hollow w/ VOLK and Mia Morris at Basement East • Tickets (8)
🥁 Ghost-Note at City Winery • Tickets (9)

Saturday, 4/10
🛍 Music City Food Truck Park & Flea Market in East Nashville • Info (11-5)
🛍 Music Valley Flea, south of Madison • Info (10-4)
👨‍👩‍👦 21st Annual Nolensville Buttercup Festival • Info (10-5)
🏒 Predators vs. Lightning • Tickets (8)
🪕 The Steeldrivers at the Caverns Above Ground Amphitheater • Tickets (7)
🎸 A Springsteen Celebration w/ Gorilla Baby at Basement East • Tickets (8)

Sunday, 4/11
🎸 Mark Robinson Band at Dee's • Info (6)
🎤 A Cabin Boys Writers Round Featuring Carl Anderson, Reuben Bidez, Tim Bruns, and Colin Elmore at City Winery • Tickets (7)
🎸 The Wild Feathers do Lightning 100's Sunday Night • Info (8)

Farmers Markets

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)
🧺 Richland Park • Sylvan Park • Info • (9-12)
🧺 At the Crossings • Antioch • Info • (9-1)
🧺 Franklin Market • Franklin • Info • (9-1)

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)


🐉 Godzilla vs. Kong (dir. by Adam Wingard) is available on HBO Max and so entertaining that it comes close to redeeming America for all its faults.
  + Watch, 1h 53m

🎬 Other films related in spirit to Godzilla vs. Kong that you might enjoy:
  + Adam Wingard's The Guest (2014) - Watch on Prime, 1h 40m
  + Bong Joon-ho's The Host (2006) - Watch on Hulu, 2h 1m
  + Peter Jackson's epic King Kong (2005) - Watch on Prime, 3h 21m
  + Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim (2013) - Watch on Apple/Google, 2h 12m


🧬 Paul Skallas (aka, Lindy Man) has an enlightening conversation with Gerard Karsent on advances in our understanding of the skeletal system, and the vital role the bone horomone, osteocalcin, plays in mood, fertility, memory, and more. Gives new meaning to "I feel it in my bones".
  + Listen (1h8m)

📈 Grant Williams brings Ben Hunt and Marc Cohodes on to discuss what really happened with the Gamestop short squeeze and lay out a solid case for why it was not driven by retail traders, but instead, by warring factions of NYC hedge funds.
  + Listen (1h20m)


🐷 Evidence of the destructive properties of unsaturated veggietable oils is no secret. Of note, these oils were used in the production of paint until petoroleum based paints proved a cheaper alternative. The massive seed oil industry then had to find a new vertical: food.

☀️ A study out of Sweden claims that "avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for 'all‐cause mortality'". In other words, if you don't get sun, you die.