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Weekend Digest

Weekend Digest

4/23-4/25 – Chilly weekend w/ a chance of rain Saturday; the Oscars in Tartarus; Concerts; Cocaine & Rhinestones; Cows

Jerod Hollyfield explores how, despite all the hoot and holler of diversity and inclusion, the Oscars—and by extension, Hollywood—remains an obtuse, insular, elitist group that practices exactly the opposite of what they preach. "Rules for thee, but not for me!"

Ordinary People: On Artistry and Hollywood’s Insular Diversity
On Artistry and Hollywood’s Insular Diversity

Next week, he'll break down the awards ceremony and look at the movies held up as the year's best.


🎬 Mortal Kombat and The Unholy play at the Sparta Drive-In Theater Friday and Saturday night, Link

🎷 Rudy's Jazz Room has shows every Friday and Saturday night, Link

Friday, 4/23
🎸 St. Paul and The Broken Bones @ The Caverns, Link, 7p
🎸 Chase Rice @ Ryman, Link, 8p

Saturday, 4/24
🥗 Music City Food Truck Park & Flea Market, 11a-5p, Link
⚽️ Nashville SC vs. CF Montreal, Link, 1p
🎸 St. Paul and The Broken Bones @ The Caverns, Link, 7p
👩‍🎤 Elizabeth Cook @ The Basement East, Link, 6p & 9p

Sunday, 4/25
🪕 Live Bluegrass Brunch @ The Sutler, Link, 10a-3p
🎸 LORE w/ The Untamed @ 3rd & Lindsley, Link, 8p

Farmers Markets

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)
🧺 Richland Park • Sylvan Park • Info • (9-12)
🧺 At the Crossings • Antioch • Info • (9-1)
🧺 Franklin Market • Franklin • Info • (9-1)

🧺 Nashville Farmers' Market • Germantown • Info • (8-2)


🏆 Below is a list of all the movies nominated for the 2021 Oscar for Best Picture. Mank, The Father , and Promising Young Woman are the ones most worth your time:
  + Mank (dir. David Fincher), Netflix, 2h 11m
  + The Father (dir. Florian Zeller), Watch, 1h 37m
  + Promising Young Woman (dir. Emerald Fennell), Watch, 1h 53m
  + The Trial of the Chicago 7 (dir. Aaron Sorkin), Netflix, 2h 10m
  + Sound of Metal (dir. Darius Marder), Amazon, 2h 10m
  + Minari (dir. Lee Isaac Chung), Watch, 1h 56m
  + Nomadland (dir. Chloe Zhao), Watch, 1h 50m
  + Judas and the Black Messiah (dir. Shaka King), Watch, 2h 6m

🚙 A nauseatingly thorough, but highly entertaining analysis of Elon Musk's preposterous vision for The Boring Company, YouTube

🎭 Chris Rock with the evergreen commentary about how to deal with police, YouTube


🌾 We mentioned Tyler Mahan Coe's Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast last week and since then, he has successfully launched the first episode of Season 2 that will cover the life of George Jones. People have been calling this the "War & Peace of Country Music" and given Jones' turbulent life, that may be true (though Coe claims to have never read War and Peace.)
  + Listen, 2h 12m


💾 Chris Dixon, partner at famed Silicon Valley investment firm a16z, traces the mathematical foundations of modern computing all the way back to Aristotle. A fascinating reminder that at the root of scientific progress is a confrontation with the past preceded by knowledge of it.
  + Link, ~20m read

👹 If you don't know about the music video for Lil Nas X's new song, 'Montero,' keep it that way. But if you do and are interested in the symbology laced throughout, Jonathan Pageau breaks it down eloquently. These types of videos are designed to elicit a response, but what is most interesting about this iteration is 1) its release right around Easter and 2) the fawning adoration by the press.
  + Link, ~15m read


🐄 The cow, as both symbol and source of sustenance, holds a prominent position in nearly every culture the world over:
  + The Israelites worshipped a golden calf while Moses climbed Mount Sainai.
  + The longest chapter in the Quaran is titled Al-Baqara ("The Cow").
  + Hindus in India seem to revere cows more than women (a little humor)
  + Mercury gifted Apollo his lyre to make amends after stealing his cattle.
  + In ancient Greece, a hecatomb was a head of 100 cattle sacrificed to the Gods.
  + Things that are bad or untrue are "bullshit"

🌞 It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the most nutrient dense foods you can get your hands on are byproducts of cattle (especially organ meats and tallow).

🥩 Grass-fed beef
  + Many, many health benefits, Link
  + Buy in Nashville from Whitaker Farms, Link

🥛 Raw, unpasteurized milk
  + Many, many health benefits, Link
  + Buy in Nashville from Mike Armstrong, Link

Loose Ends

🌎 Google Earth adds the ability to watch time lapses going back as far as 1984, Link

🏞 A stream below Yosemite Falls turns into snow in front of your eyes, Link

🦖 A study posits that as many as 328,000 T-Rex's once roamed the globe, Link

🔭 Peek through Isaac Newton's college notebooks from 1633, Link

Stupid Quote of the Week

“It’s like living in a city perpetually choked with smog, and suddenly one day you wake up and the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and you can finally take a full, nontoxic breath.”

Matt Leece, 29, a music professor, tells the New York Times how he feels now that Trump's no longer on Twitter.