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Another Day, Another Session

Another Day, Another Session

What to expect from Tennessee's Covid-19 Special Session this week

Convening at 4pm today, the Tennessee legislature will be settling into their second special session of the fall. Though the news in circulation indicates that the itinerary is set to consider all things Covid-19, its true focus is on mandates and individual rights.

On the Agenda

More Info

  • Employee vaccination (especially regarding the Biden administration’s call to enforce mandatory vaccinations in businesses larger than 100 employees).
  • Child vaccinations without parental consent.
  • Mandated child vaccination for Covid-19.
  • Unemployment benefits for employees fired due to failure to adhere to vaccine mandates.
  • Partisan elections of school board members.
  • Monoclonal antibody treatment redistribution.

The floor is open to a lot of topics revolving around the swift overtake of institutional power linked to Covid-19. We anticipate hearing about the labeling of parents advocating for their children at School Board meetings as domestic terrorists, executive overreach, and school masking as well.

Following the anticipation of the Ford special session, public servants were asked about this second special session. Some legislators regarded it as absolutely crucial while others expressed they viewed the second session as political theater and a waste of taxpayer money. A piece released by the Tennessean followed suit with the latter sentiment and framed the session as an attempt by lawmakers to stifle health officials, schools, and business owners. Telling.