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Metro Council Rundown (7/2/24)


  • RS2024-568 (Deferred) A resolution giving $1,971,656.19 through the Office of Homeless Services to The Salvation Army for the provision of housing services and life navigation skills to people experiencing homelessness in Nashville.
  • RS2024-559 (Deferred) a resolution providing the council’s proposed Charter Amendments, Deferred until August 6th.


  • Rule 13 (Deferred) changes to loosen the procedures around filing legislation by eliminating certain deadlines for late-filed legislation and introducing other requirements that would affect the Council Office’s role when providing the council with research and advisory services. There will be a special meeting on July 10th.


  • BL2024-427 (Passed) Mayor O’Connell’s transit referendum.
  • BL2024-428 (Deferred) authorizing the establishment of an East Bank Development Authority.
  • BL2024-187 (Passed) adapting blanket zoning changes to allow residential developments in commercial/non-residential zoning districts, proposed bill changes for third reading to prevent short-term rentals.
  • BL2024-293 (Withdrawn) restricting fences in the floodway and floodplain and to require a fence permit for all fences to be constructed within Nashville and Davidson County.
  • BL2024-343 (Deferred) changes to the membership of the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission and the process for approving the criteria for awarding funds.
  • BL2024-344 (Deferred) changes regarding the selection of members to the Nashville Music, Film, & Entertainment Commission.
  • BL2024-390 (Passed) requiring the Office of Homeless Services to maintain an inventory of homeless service providers throughout Davidson County.


  • BL2024-375 (Passed) "Build It Right" bill regarding workplace safety and audits of Metro construction agreement. Significant changes were made to the bill, including adding a contractor as a representative on the board and eliminating DEI language. The $300,000 needed to fund the board was added to this year’s budget.
  • BL2024-392 (Passed) authorizing the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency to negotiate and accept payments in lieu of ad valorem taxes from its leases operating low income housing tax credit properties.