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Michelle Fiscus

Michelle Fiscus

The Flat Curver Award for Biggest Predator

In the annals of history, there are those who perform admirably in times of crisis and those who weaponize the crisis for personal political gain. Michelle Fiscus is of the latter type though she undoubtedly sees herself as the former. Fiscus made national headlines when she was fired from her position at the Tennessee Department of Health for maneuvering around her superiors to initiate a vaccination campaign targeted directly at children under the age of 18 who, under an obscure ruling, could receive the vaccine without parental consent.

Fiscus was instantly lionized as a martyr by the lobotomized local press and liberal rags across the country. News soon surfaced of a muzzle being sent to her office — presumably, as a threat to keep her mouth shut — which only solidified her elevated status amongst the blooming health state that Covid ushered in. It later turned out that the muzzle was ordered from Amazon with her own credit card. Ficus flatly denied that she sent it to herself, and an investigation into the matter has not determined anything conclusive. At this point, all we have is her word.

A victim of the “vaccinate the entire planet” mental disability, Fiscus willfully dismissed the fact that inoculating children — who are close to zero risk from Covid-19 — with an experimental drug for which there are no long-term studies introduced risk into a health situation in which there was no risk before. Only 1,001 children under the age of 18 have died from Covid across the entire nation. That's fewer than the number dying from pneumonia or even car accidents. Fiscus’ motivation to sway children towards vaccination with little concern for reality and behind the backs of their parents serves as a clear example of the priorities of the Modern Left. Peruse Fiscus’ Twitter, and you will have little doubt what signs showed up in her yard.

Now, in a sane world, people such as Fiscus would be unquestionably maligned as creepy, intrusive, or generally predatory, hence, Fiscus receives the award for Most Predatory. The state is all the better without this predator stalking school children.