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It's halvening again...
Photo by Shubham's Web3 / Unsplash

It's halvening again...

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Good afternoon, everyone.

The WSJ put out an article yesterday about homicide rates plummeting across the country compared to this point last year. In Nashville, for example, there were 16 fewer homicides compared to this time in 2023鈥攁 44 percent drop.

In Nashville, as if to present a direct counterpoint, yet another convicted felon with a lengthy rap sheet out on bond shot and injured six people over on Bell Road yesterday.

When George Orwell was shot in the neck in Spain, he was assured by all visitors that he was lucky to be alive, to which Orwell replied, 鈥淚t would be even luckier not to be hit at all.鈥



Our happy hour on Friday at Streetcar Taps and Garden is in celebration of the impending Bitcoin halving set to occur sometime that evening. Maybe during the happy hour; hard to tell. For those unfamiliar with what the Bitcoin halving is and why it鈥檚 noteworthy, I thought I鈥檇 take a minute to explain it here. If none of this makes sense, then come to the happy hour, and I鈥檓 sure someone will be glad to explain it to you.

The way fresh Bitcoin is introduced into the system is via miners, who operate extremely powerful computers that race to solve a series of computationally intensive math problems in order to verify the transactions made with bitcoin鈥攚hich requires serious effort on their behalf begetting the term Proof of Work. The first miner to solve the problem is rewarded with bitcoin.

The halving is the moment in which this bitcoin reward given to the miners is reduced by half. Friday鈥檚 halving is the fourth halving in the history of Bitcoin, which first launched in January 2009. The first reward was 50 bitcoins. On November 28, 2012, it was reduced to 25 bitcoins. Then on July 9, 2016, to 12.5 bitcoins. Most recently on May 11, 2020, it was reduced to 6.25 bitcoins. Come Friday evening, the reward will be reduced again to 3.125 bitcoins. The halving puts deflationary pressure on Bitcoin, increasing scarcity. 

As an aside, I have been purchasing and holding Bitcoin for quite some time now. It has outperformed all my other investments. So, when people start talking about how it鈥檚 fake or will go to zero, it鈥檚 hard to square that with the very real returns I鈥檝e been able to harvest. Obviously, this is not investment advice, but if you are curious about Bitcoin and all the developments occurring in the space, our happy hour on Friday will be a great opportunity to learn more.

What goes unmentioned about Nashville, in particular, is its status as a Bitcoin Mecca of sorts. Bitcoin Magazine, one of the earliest media companies devoted solely to cryptocurrencies, has their headquarters here in town. Bitcoin Park is well known for its meetups drawing in hobbyists and experts alike from around the globe.

All that is to say, come out to Streetcar Friday to hang and get a chance to win passes to the July Bitcoin Conference here in Nashville. RSVP here. From Davis Hunt

We're hosting a Bitcoin Halving Happy Hour with the folks at Media Farm and the Bitcoin Conference to celebrate the imminent Bitcoin halving. Attend for a chance to win a free pass to this year's Bitcoin Conference in Nashville from July 25-27 (RSVP)

鈿栵笍 Bills Hanging in the Balance The Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee and the House Local Government Committee will hear the East Bank Development Authority bill today and tomorrow, respectively. Despite skepticism that has delayed its progress, Mayor O鈥機onnell was optimistic during last week鈥檚 media roundtable: Though the House has continued to move the original bill through its committees, he noted, 鈥渨e've seen an amendment proposed in the Senate.鈥

鈥淲e have to be able to pass whatever comes out from the state in Metro Council,鈥 O鈥機onnell explained. 鈥淢y guess is the council will not have an appetite for anything that looks like some of the state鈥檚 preemptive takeover activity we've seen in the past.鈥

Also calendared in both the Senate and the House this week is the governor鈥檚 ESA bill, which is likely to draw heated discussions further highlighting the discord between the two bodies. Legislators have been squabbling over the final version of the bill for nearly a month. The Senate wants to grant parents the ability to choose which public school their child can attend, regardless of their school zone; the House doesn鈥檛 agree with the change. 

As of this writing, the General Assembly is expected to wrap up by April 23rd.

鉁   鉁   鉁

馃殞 Freddie's Bus Proposal The mayor鈥檚 transit plan鈥攌nown as the Transportation Improvement Program鈥 will be unveiled this Friday at the Southeast Community Center in Antioch. Last week, O鈥機onnell mentioned that, if passed, Metro will be looking into acquiring land to build affordable housing and parks near dozens of new transit centers in order to secure federal grant dollars. He also mentioned that the plan will include park and ride facilities, prioritize the sidewalk network, and modernize traffic signals.


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