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Mega Council Meeting
Photo by Brands&People / Unsplash

Mega Council Meeting

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Good afternoon, everyone.

There's what can only be described as a Mega Metro Council meeting tonight. Megan's got some details on what to expect below and highlights another dumb resolution put up by the council calling for an end to violence between Israel and Palestine. I'm sure that'll go someway to resolving that ancient conflict.

In other news, News Channel 5 reported on a "new type of lawsuit" that seeks to hold The Parking Spot鈥攐ne of those long-term, airport area parking facilities鈥攔esponsible for an incident in which a police officer was shot by a gun stolen from a vehicle in their lot. The lawsuit claims they failed to secure vehicles parked in the lot adequately.

It's a variation on the effort by Rep. Caleb Hemmer (D-Nashville) to pass legislation holding gun owners responsible for improperly storing guns in their vehicles. So far this year, 541 guns, comprising 70 percent of all gun thefts, have been taken from vehicles. Last year at this same time, 602 guns had been stolen.

Since the last time I wrote about this, MNPD has added a breakdown by zip code allowing you to see where most of the guns are stolen from. In 2022, for example, most guns were stolen from vehicles in Edgehill/The Gulch area by a factor of two. Donelson, Germantown, Downtown, and Antioch were close behind.

And towards the bottom of this email, you'll find some streaming suggestions for the week if you're hiding from the heat inside like a coward. Embrace the sweat.


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馃棧锔 Negotiating With Protesters ``The Metropolitan County Council goes on record as supporting an end to violence between Israel and Palestine,鈥 reads a resolution that will go to vote during tonight鈥檚 Metro Council meeting. 鈥淭he Metropolitan Council further goes on record as supporting all of Nashville鈥檚 Palestinian, Israeli, Muslim, and Jewish residents and condemns antisemitic and Islamophobic rhetoric and attacks.鈥

Shoehorned into a docket that includes a final vote on the Metro budget and the introduction of both Mayor O鈥機onnell鈥檚 transit referendum and the East Bank Development Authority, the resolution would codify the council鈥檚 stance on the current unrest in Gaza. Since October 7th, the body has been faced down by galleries full of pro-Palestinian atendees. After months of trying to corral protesters, who continued to find clever ways to circumvent the speaking rules during public comment periods, the council relented: Last month, they voted to remove Rule 28鈥檚 limitations and open up public discussions to every topic, regardless of its relevance to Metro鈥檚 docket. It just so happens that tonight will be the first regular meeting where the change is officially in effect. MEGAN PODSIEDLIK

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鈿栵笍 A Hearing for What? Yesterday, Star News Network CEO Michael Patrick Leahy and his attorney Daniel Horwitz expected to appear in chancery court to defend the right of his newspaper to publish leaked writings and documents related to the Covenant tragedy. Instead of deliberating over whether Leahy was in 鈥渃ontempt of court,鈥 Judge I鈥橝shea Myles conducted what she called a 鈥渓andscape hearing,鈥 which left everyone confused. 鈥淟ast week I was prepared to issue a 60-plus page ruling on the ins and outs of this particular case,鈥 announced Myles. 鈥淚 was ready to issue my ruling when I was informed that perhaps something had come about in this case.鈥

That something was the Star鈥檚 publication of the documents鈥攚hich, according to Myles, may render her decision about whether the Covenant documents are subject to open records requests null and void. There鈥檚 no word on what will happen next but, until then, Leahy is a free man, and just about everyone seems to agree that the whole thing is a sham. DAVIS HUNT

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馃搼 Title IX And The Social Change Agenda Yesterday, a federal judge pumped the brakes on the Biden administration鈥檚 鈥渁ttempt to replace Title IX language with [a] social change agenda.鈥 Those words topped a press release issued by the attorney general鈥檚 office following a court opinion to temporarily restrain the enactment of the changes in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia pending a final ruling. 鈥淭his is a big win for the Constitution and the people of Tennessee,鈥 said AG Skrmetti in the statement.  鈥淚f the rule we stopped had been allowed to go into effect on August 1 as scheduled, Tennessee schools and universities would have to let boys into girls鈥 locker rooms and other private spaces.鈥 

As the Biden administration tries to 鈥build on the legacy of Title IX,鈥 by redefining 鈥渟ex鈥 to include 鈥済ender identity,鈥 schools across the state have been preparing to address the change鈥檚 implications. Superintendent Jason Golden has confirmed that regardless of the suit鈥檚 status, Williamson County Schools will adhere to the new language鈥 but not everyone will be happy with the district鈥檚 decision. 

Last month, a debate broke out at a Williamson County Board of Education meeting about the potential rule change. Braunwyn Windham-Burke, former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County and mother to a gender-nonconforming child, spoke in support of the change: 鈥淲e can save children鈥檚 lives, we can keep our kids alive.鈥  According to News2, members of Moms for Liberty were also in attendance and raised objections to the new Title IX provisions. 鈥淭here are a whole group of kids who are going to feel intimidated if they use the wrong pronouns,鈥 said chapter member Carolyn Brown. 鈥淭he other thing we need to look at is the big picture. The way these changes have occurred has not been constitutional.鈥 MEGAN PODSIEDLIK


Via NBJ Metro's master plan for abandoned Hickory Hollow mall site (More Info)
  • Music Row building once owned by famed vocalist sells for $1.55M (Post)
  • Stately west side apartment building sells for $2.75M (Post)
  • Mixed-use Sylvan Park building sells for $2.47M (Post)
Off the Cuff


Our recommendations to counteract the endless scrolling.

Miller鈥檚 Girl (Netflix) Martin Freeman is the hobbity washed-up writer teaching English at a rural Southern Gothic Tennessee high school. Jenna Ortega is his wunderkind smalltown protege who hungers for experience and idolizes Henry Miller. Of course, a movie mining this subject matter earned some scathing reviews and courted controversy. That鈥檚 because Tennessee native Jade Bartlett鈥檚 debut is the kind of drama that cuts through the sexual politics bromides with a gleeful PC abandon that makes it a worthy heir to David Mamet鈥檚 Oleanna.

Smiling Friends (Max/Hulu Premium) It鈥檚 been over two years since this surreal animated workplace sitcom about four employees of a company tasked to bring unbridled joy to its clients reminded Adult Swim audiences of the bawdy fun the semi-network had in its glory days, but season two is finally on tap. Pitch black, hilarious, and wildly surreal, it captures our toxic Clown World ennui like nothing else on TV.

Monkeyman (Peacock) Dev Patel shows he鈥檚 no longer the cherubic kid from Slumdog Millionaire as the titular hero who rises from the dregs of India鈥檚 underground fight clubs to take on the corrupt political syndicate responsible for his mother鈥檚 death. Backed by Jordan Peele as exec producer and quadruple threating as writer/director/star/producer, Patel proves himself a real-deal filmmaker more than ready for mainstream stardom. A movie that鈥檚 sure to remain one of 2024鈥檚 best and the best James Bond audition tape one could make.



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