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No. 154: Jason Zachary on Federal Overreach

⁂ Nashville's Alt-Daily ⁂ Jason Zachary Tells All · Epitaph for BBB · An Object Hits the Sun · Much More!

Good morning, everyone.

Below, we have a chat with Knox County's Jason Zachary about his efforts to protect Tennesseans from federal overreach, pick the scab of the wounded Build Back Better Act, and take a look at the week ahead.

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✪ State Rep. Jason Zachary Takes on COVID Tyranny

By Jerod Hollyfield

Over the last twenty months, numerous conservative politicians have fermented rebellions against authoritarian government responses to COVID, but District 14 State Representative Jason Zachary may be the only one in the country whose greatest ally is a professional wrestling legend. “It would have been such a challenge to walk through COVID with sanity from an elected-official perspective without Mayor [Glenn] Jacobs,” Zachary said of the WWE star better known as Kane who also serves as the mayor of Knox County. “I have been so thankful for him and his friendship and his leadership of our county.”

When Knox County’s Board of Health overruled Mayor Jacobs as well as the county’s sheriff and legal director in summer 2020 and imposed a mask mandate and service curfew on bars and restaurants, Zachary found himself at the nexus of a loophole in Governor Bill Lee’s pandemic executive orders and an obscure decades-old state law outlining the powers of a board of health in times of emergency. During the prolonged battle between duly elected officials and the Board of Health, which eventually lead the Knox County Commission to dissolve the entity in March 2021, Zachary worked every angle to neutralize the orders from supporting numerous pieces of legislation that would dilute local boards of health to endless meetings with Jacobs and his team. Ultimately, Jacobs was able to wrest power away from Knox County Health director Dr. Martha Buchanan minutes after Governor Lee ended public health orders in April 2021, which resulted in Buchanan’s resignation a few weeks later. It also led Zachary to fully embrace his status as a defender of individual rights in the face of COVID.

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  • Metro buys Al Menah Shrine Temple site for $9M (Post)
  • Development company pays $2.25M for WeHo parcels (Post)
  • Cincinnati developer has Midtown property under contract (Post)


Predictably, there has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth following Joe Manchin's firm no when asked if would vote for Biden's Build Back Better Act. Expressing concerns about inflation, particularly as it regards energy prices, Manchin appears to have made the correct call if we are to judge the $550 billion dollars in the plan outlaid for "green energy" initiatives by the fruits born of similar initiatives across the pond in Europe.

There hasn't yet been a substantive rebuttal of Manchin's position aside from various cries that "this isn't Democracy" noting that West Virginia makes up a tiny portion of the US population and various accusations of Manchin "violating the trust of the American people." It's all very melodramatic once you start going through the responses, so I won't bore you with the details beyond saying that Manchin's "no" is very serious and a grave threat to life as we know it. Never has a vote rang so loudly across the fruited plain and materially altered the lives of the American people. That 51 people voting "no" could defeat 49 voting "yes" is at the root of the Fall of America. Etc.

As far as energy prices go, the plan's allocation of funds for wind, solar, and electric vehicles would only increase the US's reliance on foreign sources of fuel and energy. As we've witnessed in both Texas and California recently, unreliable energy sources — such as wind and solar — were at the root of rolling blackouts across both states. A mature government might realize this and begin to allocate funds towards the most reliable and dense source of energy that man has ever attained, nuclear power,  whose total, global waste would fit on a ten-yard high football field, but perfectly productive plants across the nation continue to head towards retirement without any recourse from the government or the BBB Act which provided paltry subsidies to existing plants.

Such is the pickle that Germany got itself into after making aggressive moves to switch their grid to wind and solar leaving them with the highest energy costs in all of Europe, forcing them to buy woodchips to use in coal power plans because they can't use coal, and import increasingly scarce natural gas from abroad just to keep the lights on. That's not even to mention that the Chinese own the solar panel market and do so by utilizing slave labor, aggressive government subsidies, and coal plants to power the giant factories. The clean energy initiatives in the BBB Act did nothing to substantively deal with these crucial issues and likely would've set the US up to be even more reliant on China and foreign fuel at the expense of the American people.

If anything, we should compose odes and poems to the grandeur of Manchin's steely resolve in the face of unimaginable pressures.


In texts, both fictional and non-fictional and in English and Spanish, thinking words relating to technology and social organization (experiment, gravity, weigh, cost, contract) become more common between 1850 and approximately 1977 (beginning of the great stagnation) but since then thinking words have declined markedly and feeling words relating to belief, spirituality, sapience, and intuition (e.g. forgiveness, heal, feel) have become more common.

The paper contents that the rise of "neoliberalism" (whatever that means anymore) is to blame for the trend. But what's more likely is that the development reflects the increasing presence of female writers and the general feminization of American culture.

The rise and fall of rationality in language
Marten Scheffer, Ingrid van de Leemput, Els Weinans, and Johan Bollen
Read full study


A Man Accidentally Threw Out a Hard Drive Worth $357 Million in Bitcoin And he's been searching for it for a decade.


  • Fentanyl has killed more Americans aged 18 to 45 than suicide, COVID-19, and car accidents. There has been radio silence from the Biden administration on this front.
  • Biden's vaccine mandate continues to sow confusion amongst employers across the nation as the definition of "fully vaccinated" fluctuates and the legal challenges on the state level remain unchallenged and often at odds with federal law.
  • After an extremely dangerous outbreak of COVID-19 amongst the fully vaccinated (and probably boosted) SNL crew, the brigade filmed Saturday night's episode without a live audience and with a stripped back cast. An is quoted as saying, "Everyone is fearful here." What a miserable group of people.
  • Joe Manchin issued a firm no when asked if he would vote for Biden's Build Back Better plan in what appears to be a final, crushing blow to the cornerstone of Biden's presidential agenda. Manchin expressed concerns over inflation and the diversion of funds to fight climate change.

Licorice Pizza, the latest film from Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, Boogie Nights), is opening at the Belcourt on December 24. A potent coming-of-age drama tracking the treacherous waters of first love, set in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.

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