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The Famous Faces of Broadway

The Famous Faces of Broadway

馃嵒 Neon monuments 路 Revisionist views of sex 路聽Environmental toxins 路聽Ole St. George聽路 Much more!

Good afternoon, everyone.

Looks like we鈥檙e due some storms over the next few days, with severe weather warnings for today and tomorrow. It rained a good bit yesterday, but my Apple weather app didn鈥檛 indicate that rain was expected. The dark clouds outside told me otherwise.

Also, down in the Local Noise section, you'll find our freshly published festival guide complete with craft, culture, and music festivals within driving distance.


Every country music mogul and their cousin seem to be buying a bar on Broadway. The latest minstrel to join the neon scene is Lainey Wilson, who will be opening a 1970s western and cajun-inspired watering hole called Bell Bottoms Up. Interestingly, the establishment will be taking over the now-closed FGL House that was opened by Florida Georgia Line back in 2017. If you鈥檝e been around for a while, you know that the success of the duo鈥檚 tri-level entertainment venue and bar opened the floodgates, inspiring an onslaught of artist-owned honky tonks. 

Since then, we鈥檝e seen the establishment of Ole Red by Blake Shelton (2018), Luke鈥檚 32 Bridge Food and Drinks by Luke Bryan (2018), Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock and Roll Steakhouse by Kid Rock (2018), Whiskey Row by Dierks Bentley (2018), and Friends in Low Places Bar by Garth Brooks (2024), along with Category 10 by Luke Combs and This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen by Morgan Wallen, set to open their doors this summer鈥攖o name a few. 

The question is, will the downtown scene鈥攐nce a place where up-and-comers tested their chops, hoping to land a record deal鈥攖urn into a residency haven for established country crooners to take a break from the demands of tour life? It seems possible. Though we鈥檝e seen various artists moonlight at their own venues, Eric Church is the first to really give it a go, taking up a summer residency in his bar, Chief鈥檚. The show goes through June, tickets are already sold out, and we鈥檙e sure other artists are eyeing their own prospects. 

From the rift between Garth Brooks and Kid Rock over boycotting Bud Light, to Church鈥檚 recent placement of a plaque on his rooftop bar reading 鈥淒on鈥檛 even think about it, you are not Morgan Wallen鈥 following the now-infamous chair throwing incident, the Broadway strip has, for better or for worse, taken on new life.

Compared to the old days 鈥 when the only establishment with a country icon鈥檚 name attached to it was the famed Ernest Tubb Record Shop 鈥 downtown seems primed to assume the Las Vegas strip residency vibes of the 40s and 50s: something that former Mayor John Cooper optimistically anticipated during an interview on The Ben & Morey Show in 2023. 

For those who appreciate the historic roots of Music City, the establishment of this new, Redneck Rat Pack is a bittersweet pill to swallow. As Garth Brooks works with the city to change downtown traffic patterns, Oracle breaks ground on their new 1.2 million-square-foot riverside campus on the opposite bank 鈥 fully equipped with a lake and a floating concert stage 鈥 and the East Bank and stadium blueprints hint at dragging the party across the Cumberland, the next twenty years of development are bound to produce an entirely new city. MEGAN PODSIEDLIK


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馃搼 Rewriting The Rules Tonight鈥檚 Metro Council meeting will likely be a long haul, with a slew of board appointments, a few public hearings, and some inevitable drama. We鈥檙e keeping an eye on three proposed rule changes: one that expands the public comment period to any topic (not just agenda items), one that extends the automatic indefinite deferral of a bill from happening after four deferrals instead of three, and one that gives a one-meeting grace period after deferred legislation is reintroduced.

What you won鈥檛 see? A finalized LPR agreement: the council has yet to file a resolution establishing the chosen vendors for the program. Nor have they filed any legislation regarding an East Bank Development Authority鈥攕omething we expect to see in the coming months, given that the General Assembly successfully passed a bill to establish the authority this session. The Banner put together a useful quick preview; you can check out the full agenda here. MEGAN PODSIEDLIK

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馃珒 Revisionist Birth Sex The US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to decide whether or not Tennessee residents can change the sex recorded on their birth certificate. Last summer, a judge dismissed the case on the grounds that sex designation on one鈥檚 birth certificate is based solely on the 鈥渆xternal genitalia at the time of birth.鈥 Surprisingly, Tennessee is the only state in the country that does not allow people to change their birth sex. Lambda Legal is behind the suit, representing four transgender women; the firm has been instrumental in the passage of a number of key pieces of legislation focused on LGBT issues, including Obergefell vs. Hodges.

US Circuit Court Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton was worried that keeping people from changing their birth sex could be seen as spiteful and anti-transgender. 鈥淭he only risk is that this is a suspect class because of animus towards this group,鈥 Sutton said, 鈥渁nd the recent change is putting you in a tricky spot, if you ask me.鈥 Not sure what that means exactly, but he鈥檚 a judge and smarter than all of us (supposedly), so it must mean something. DAVIS HUNT

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馃悏 St. George Missing in Action Pushback against companies鈥 efforts to draw more and more water from the Duck River continues. In a Tennessee Lookout story published this morning, one resident鈥檚 comments capture the mood for those living along and around the state鈥檚 most treasured waterway. 鈥淲e鈥檙e very, very concerned that development and corporate interests have just taken over,鈥 said Doug Jones, a retired attorney whose family has owned farmland along the Duck for more than a century. Industries like the lithium plant that are coming to the region are 鈥渓ike monsters, like dragons. We can鈥檛 quench them,鈥 he said. Where is St. George when you need him? DAVIS HUNT


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Off the Cuff


 Last month, the Biden-Harris administration issued a nationwide, legally enforceable standard for drinking water to protect communities from exposure to harmful per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as 鈥渇orever chemicals.鈥 Linked to increased cancer rates, birth defects, miscarriage, infertility, decreased testosterone and sperm count, obesity, thyroid disease and a number of other chronic ailments, the standard is a welcome response to what has become, in recent years, a known environmental toxin. 

Typically, PFAS leak into drinking water from fire training and response sites, industrial sites, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants. As you can see on the map, Middle Tennessee tap water is generally unburdened by PFAS.

鉁 MOVIE REC: SAFE (1995)

(R 路 1h 59m 路 7.1/10) Directed by Todd Haynes; Starring Julianne Moore

Speaking of environmental toxins, Safe follows a wealthy, suburban, LA housewife as she falls deeper and deeper into what can only be described as holistic derangement syndrome as she falls prey to a series of health issues of unknown origin. It perfectly captures the modern schizophrenic duality of living in a toxic and chemical-laden world while also living in a culture of self-victimization and atomized paranoia. These two forces combine into pure confusion and complete dislocation. Prescient in many ways. Worth a watch. (More Info)



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馃幐 Helmet with Cro-Mags @ Exit/In, 7p, $39.21+, Info
+ alt metal and hardcore punk legends

馃幓 20 Years of Community: An Evening with the Nashville Philharmonic @ Schermerhorn Symphony Center, 7:30p, Choose What You Pay, Info

馃獣 Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike @ Station Inn, 8p, $20, Info

馃幒 Todd Day Wait @ The Underdog, 11:00p, Free, Info鈥屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸
+ Honky Tonk Tuesday afterparty, down the street

馃幐 Honky Tonk Tuesday @ American Legion Post 82, 8p, Free, Info鈥屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸屸
+ two-step lessons @ 7p, The Cowpokes @ 8p