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This Year's Revolution Sponsored By:

This Year's Revolution Sponsored By:

More on Oracle, On Hollyood, property tax mayhem, Power Poll, Hockey, etc.

As the Oracle deal develops, the divide between the state of Tennessee and the city of Nashville sharpens. Nashville, as the economic engine of the state, sits like a lonely island of blue in a deep sea of red. Governor Lee, in defiance to the gravely concerned liberal Nashville polis, continues to voice his opinion that businesses will not dictate politics to Tennesseans.

News broke at the end of last week that Oracle had a signed a letter opposing any form of anti-LGBTQ legislation. Alongside the declaration that foreign embassies can fly the Pride flag underneath the American flag, it's becoming clear that a hallmark of the Biden administration is the explicit marriage of corporate, social, and state power to enforce a rules based international order. It's comical to consider that within the span of ten years, the "revolution" moved from targeting Big Banks to joining the Big Banks in their fight for equality. The divisiveness of LGBTQ and racial issues does well to obscure the greater wealth inequalities and havoc wrecked by these same banks, corporations, and politicians that now, in a radical rebranding campaign, champion themselves as crusaders of equality.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the same tactics the USG employs abroad to keep allies and adversaries under their thumb would also apply domestically to states less inclined to prostrate themselves to the interests of global capital.

Whether the Biden administration sincerely cares for the LGBTQ community is up for debate. What is known, though, is that this kind of legislation has proven to be an effective means of bullying countries, companies, and state and local governments into submission. Organizations such as BLM and, as outlined below, Hollywood, pay fat lip service to the idea of equality (whatever that means at this point) because that is the new standard for discourse. It has nothing to do with what these organizations practice—the only real measure of their beliefs.

Nashville's arrangement with Oracle provides great insight into the dynamics of the new, public marriage of state and corporate interests in the US. Despite the growing chorus of voices warning the city of future peril at the hands of "aggressive" anti-LGBTQ laws, Amazon and Oracle stand firmly committed to their Nashville plans. Money talks.

From Last Week

Jerod Hollyfield explores how, despite all the hoot and holler of diversity and inclusion, the Oscars—and by extension, Hollywood—remains an obtuse, insular, elitist group that practices exactly the opposite of what they preach. "Rules for thee, but not for me!"

More from his later this week.

Ordinary People: On Artistry and Hollywood’s Insular Diversity
On Artistry and Hollywood’s Insular Diversity


📀 More information on Oracle's commitment to Nashville
  + New details on Oracle's riverfront campus (Biz Journal $)
  + What we know about Oracle's Nashville hub proposal (Tennessean $)
  + Nearby East Bank developer on impact of River North (Nashville Post)

🤷‍♂️ Property tax confusion
  + Cooper misleads, again, on Metro's finances (Biz Journal)
  + Nashville property values are up big in reappraisal (WPLN)
  + What happens to Nashville's property tax rate in a reappraisal year? (Tennessean)

💰 Updates on property tax referendum
  + Decision expected soon on tax rate referendum’s next steps (WPLN)
  + 4 Good Government’s Latest Attempt to Repeal Property Tax Increase (Nashville Scene)

⚡️ Power Poll: Dolly Parton statue, Bachelorette Parties, Vandy (Tennessee Lookout)

🔋 Details on General Motors' $2.37B Ultium Cells electric vehicle battery plant announced (Biz Journal)

📈 Mayor John Cooper hires Courtney Pogue as new director of economic and community development (Biz Journal)

⚽️ FIFA plans a visit, as the city vies to become a 2026 World Cup host (Channel 5)

✍️ From the state legislature
  + Tennessee Senate passes use of force bill (WSMV)
  + Tennessee Senate Passes Sentence Reduction Bill for First-Degree Murder (Tennessee Star)
  + Tennessee House Passes Bill Allowing Community-Based Incarceration Alternatives (Tennessee Star)
  + House Passes Bill Prohibiting Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines (Tennessee Star)
  + Bill To Restrict Transgender Students’ Bathroom Access Clears The Tennessee Senate (WPLN)
  + Ethics legislation on hold to tighten up language (Tennessee Lookout)

🏗 Other development news
  + Downtown leaps over the river (Tennessean $)
  + Plans for redevelopment of 2nd Avenue emerge (Tennessean, WPLN)
  + River North's effect on nearby East Bank development (Nashville Post $)
  + Progress on Nashville SC’s stadium (Biz Journal)
  + Downtown Nashville's L&C Tower for sale (Biz Journal)
  + Airport announces $75M satellite concourse (Nashville Post)


Monday, 4/26
🏒 Predators vs. Panthers @ Bridgestone Arena, Link, 7p
💀 Grateful Monday @ Acme, Link, 7p

Tuesday, 4/27
🦅 2-Hr Immersive Falconry Experience in Whites Creek, TN, Link, 4p
🏒 Predators vs. Panthers @ Bridgestone Arena, Link, 7p
🪕 Sam Bush Band's Spring Training @ 3rd & Lindsley, Link, 7:30p

Wednesday, 4/28
🎸 Allman Brothers Tribute @ Acme, Link, 7p

Thursday, 4/29
🎸 The Last Bandoleros @ 3rd & Lindsley, Link, 8p

Friday, 4/30
🎸 Grace Potter @ The Caverns, Link, 7p
🎷 MILEStones: Tribute to Miles Davis @ Rudy's Jazz Room, Link, 9p