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The Pamphleteer's 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

The Pamphleteer's 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

What to buy for people you love and want to impress with your impeccable taste

As is tradition for any thoroughgoing publication, we've compiled a list of gift suggestions for our readers below. You'll find everything from seed trays to men's pants to books. Merry Christmas!

Portland Leather Goods XL Leather Messenger Bag

I'm not a fan of Portland or altruism, but I’m even less fond of pricy mass-produced Chinese goods that won’t last until next Christmas. With leather sourced from U.S. beef cows, this messenger bag is as handsome as it is sturdy. It’s able to hold my laptop and charger with plenty of room left over for multiple notebooks, a hardback or two, and the overabundance of writing utensils I carry everywhere I go. Suggested by Jerod Hollyfield

Burpee SuperSeed 36 Cell Seed Starting Tray

Spring seems lightyears away, but planting season officially begins in mid-February. For those of us whose seedlings number in the hundreds in the leadup to the last frost, nothing is worse than seed starting trays made of brittle black plastic caked in the long-permanent residue of years past. These reusable starters from Burpee are durable and easy to clean, allowing gardeners to protect their plants from lingering fungal infections and easily start a new batch when early spring crops like greens and peas are ready for primetime. Suggested by Jerod Hollyfield

Winter Fire: Christmas with G.K. Chesterton by Ryan Whitaker Smith

I’m only halfway through Ryan Whitaker Smith’s devotional based on the writings of the famed Victorian bon vivant, but I can say it’s already fundamentally altered my holiday season. Structured as a series of ruminations on Christmas, Whitaker provides insightful commentary that highlights the need for orthodoxy and tradition in a badly broken world. Filled with witticisms, Victorian recipes, carols, poems, and probing meditations on scripture, it’s sure to be as essential to my family’s holiday traditions as the Norman Rockwell Christmas treasury we’ve had since I was in kindergarten. Suggested by Jerod Hollyfield

High Garden Tea, Get Well Blend

High Garden is a Nashville-based, family-owned business devoted to natural remedies and preserving forests. With over a decade of practice in herbalism, any tea purchased is money well spent—but this one will help your loved ones get through the cold season comfortably. $.50 of the purchase price from each item goes to a savings account devoted to purchasing and preserving forests. Suggested by Geneva DeCobert

Swing Dancing Classes

If you have a special lady who doesn't need more stuff filling her house, opt for the gift of quality time spent learning something together. Personally, I've rarely met a woman who doesn't want to try swing dancing (and has been denied a dance partner for her entire life). For those who prefer less active hobbies, you can learn how to make chocolate. Suggested by Geneva DeCobert

Use A Skill You Have

Are you alright with woodworking? Painting? Are you a musician? A welder? Do you know how to cook? Are you crafty? A great and heartfelt option for any gift is to provide that service, skill, or art. People will appreciate that you spent your time and expertise on tailoring a gift to them. Suggested by Geneva DeCobert

The Odyssey by Homer

This year I recommend jumping into the pages of Homer's Odyssey. Though sometimes overshadowed by its epic counterpart, War, the Odyssey follows up the mythical Trojan War with a reflection of a man’s journey home. I prefer cozying up with the most widely beloved translation by Robert Fitzgerald, paired with a warm mug of mulled cider. Ermanno Bencivenga recently described the tale as “The Difficult Art of Being Human,” and I agree, but would take it a step further. It’s the difficult art of being masculine in trials that arise after the fight is finished. Suggested by Megan Podsiedlik

Stihl MS170

My favorite power tool that I purchased this year. Ask anyone who regularly uses a chainsaw, and they'll start extolling the virtues of Stihl. The MS170 is the lightest model the company offers, designed for use at home. I'm always looking for an excuse to use mine. If you need a hand, you know where to reach me. Suggested by Davis Hunt

1821 Sweet Tobacco cologne

People always tell me I smell good. I know that's a weird thing to brag about, but it's true. I hesitate to give this bit of information out, but I constantly get questions about it, so this will serve as a repository for future inquiries. I didn't even think about wearing cologne until I got a bottle of 1821's Sweet Tobacco cologne. Since then the world has opened up to me. When you wear this stuff, your net worth will increase, you'll grow two inches, and people will start asking you weird questions like "Why do you remind me of an old, rich English spice trader from the 18th century?" Suggested by Davis Hunt

Jack Donnelly slacks

Can't say enough about Jack Donnelly pants. I'm wearing a pair right now. They come unhemmed at 39", so they're great for the tall men in your life. Recently, they rolled out pairs using West Point Twill. An excellent, durable material that draws influence from the original WWII chino. Depending on your build, the M2 (straight) and M3 (tapered) are the best cuts. These things sell out fast, so get on their email list and wait for them to release new styles with new materials. Suggested by Davis Hunt