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How one woman spun fifteen minutes of fame into a career

How one woman spun fifteen minutes of fame into a career

馃毤 Caitlyn Schollmeier's entrepreneurial journey 路 Washing clothes for the greater good 路聽Much more!

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Among the many business endeavors on which Snoop Dogg has made his mark, maternity wear may not immediately come to mind. But for Caitlyn Schollmeier, the rapper and entrepreneur gave her the unlikely nudge toward an industry she didn鈥檛 realize she wanted to enter. 

Awaiting the birth of her twins while on bedrest in the hospital, Schollmeier sent her family and friends a video of her participating in a Snoop TikTok trend. It just so happened she was wearing a birthing gown she had designed while awaiting her due date. 鈥淚 did it on Tik Tok because I didn鈥檛 know how to do it anywhere else like an editing app or something. And, then, I ended up accidentally posting it publicly instead of privately,鈥 Schollmeier said.

鈥淚 had no followers. I had no presence online whatsoever. I never intended to have a presence online. But I woke up after my viral videos went off with 165,000 followers overnight. And then I was like, Okay, well, I鈥檝e got to decide, do I want to start a company? Do I want to be an influencer? Do I want to pursue this? Or do I want to just leave it? I鈥檓 not the kind of person to walk away from a potential opportunity.鈥 

Within a matter of days, Schollmeier and her husband, Matthew, formed a business and began a first run of gowns under the label Lila using the last of their savings. Fueled by her surprise TikTok stardom, the online store quickly became a full time job for the new mother as she gained over 900,000 followers on social media and sold more than 50,000 gowns. Now, Schollmeier is celebrating a new milestone with the opening of Lila鈥檚 first brick-and-mortar store, located at The Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville.

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馃Ъ Washing Clothes for the Greater Good On Tuesday, a NEST bill concerned with updating 鈥渃onfusing, antiquated, and unnecessary building codes鈥 was passed on second reading; initially, those 鈥渦nnecessary鈥 codes included washer/dryer hookups.

鈥淭hat鈥檚 one of the most oppressive things I鈥檝e heard in a long time,鈥 Councilmember Courtney Johnston said during its first reading, 鈥渢o say that people who are receiving affordable housing don鈥檛 deserve washers and dryers in their own house.鈥 Councilmember Sandra Sepulveda, on the other hand, claimed as a person who lives 鈥減aycheck to paycheck鈥 she has no problem going to the local laundromat every Sunday. "That allows me to live in my district and pay a much lower rent."

After extensive deliberations with department heads and colleagues, Segall amended the bill language to ensure every single or multi-family home would be provided with both washer and dryer connections. The council unanimously supported the rewritten bill. MEGAN PODSIEDLIK

鉁   鉁   鉁

馃帗 ESA: Where There's a Will, is There a Way? The impasse between the House and the Senate regarding the governor鈥檚 ESA bill has stirred up chaotic speculation over the last few days. The bill has been on 鈥渓ife support鈥 and has 鈥渄ied鈥 several times over: Erick Schelzig, editor of the Tennessee Journal, has pre-written the bill鈥檚 obituary multiple times, while Phil Williams, investigative journalist for News5, has theorized its potential revival by way of being written into HB390/SB191, 鈥渨hich could become a vehicle for school vouchers, skipping Finance Committee.鈥

Meanwhile, the rumor mill on the hill is churning: some say House Speaker Cameron Sexton has conveniently fallen ill in order to postpone tomorrow鈥檚 floor session and buy some time for backroom negotiations. Others believe the Senate鈥檚 solid 17 votes against the legislation are wavering as the governor continues to apply political pressure, potentially withholding funding on certain bills to gain votes for his ESA plan.

All but defeated, those who support ESA expansion have vowed to bring the bill back if it鈥檚 not passed during this year鈥檚 General Assembly.  But what鈥檚 most interesting about this saga is the clear power struggle within Republican leadership. Governor Lee鈥檚 lack of influence first became evident when his cornerstone farmland easement bill died last week. Despite recruiting both the lieutenant governor and the Senate Majority Leader to put pressure on Senate Ag Committee Chairman Steve Southerland, to pass the bill through his committee, it wasn鈥檛 enough to secure the votes needed. The confusion that has placed the ESA bill in limbo only reveals one thing for certain: the political winds are shifting in the Republican supermajority鈥檚 halls of power. MEGAN PODSIEDLIK

鉁   鉁   鉁

馃摂 Swift's Manifesto? As the hearing over whether to release Audrey Hale鈥檚 writings enters its third day, the Covenant families鈥 attorney, Eric Osborne, made a memorable argument for keeping them under lock and key. Hale's family turned over her estate to the victim's families after the tragedy, giving them ownership of the writings. 鈥淚magine us going to Taylor Swift鈥檚 residence and they collect Ms. Swift鈥檚 writings and found 10 new songs,鈥 Osborne said. 鈥淲e are in the same position as Ms. Swift. This is copyright and shouldn鈥檛 be public.鈥 Is this a black hat marketing scheme for Swift鈥檚 forthcoming album? DAVIS HUNT


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