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Metro Council Rundown (6/18/24)


  • RS2024-543 (Passed) MNPD Taser upgrade
  • RS2024-539 (Passed) an agreement for the purchase of 3 acres to build a new fire station for $3.1 million. There was a bit of controversy over the $3.1 million price due to the fact that the Assessor of Property’s appraised value of the 38.74-acre parcel was $343,300. Representatives from the administration assured the council that Metro is purchasing the land at its appraised market value.
  • RS2024-554 (Indefinitely Deferred) a resolution submitted to express a lack of confidence in the performance and leadership of Metropolitan Government Director of Finance Kevin Crumbo and Director of Law Wally Dietz. The sponsor, Councilmember Joy Styles, stepped out of the room during the proceedings and was replaced by a different sponsor. The indefinite deferral was invoked by the committee that reviewed the resolution.

RS2024-556 (Withdrawn) the council supporting an end to violence between Israel and Palestine. Sponsor Zulfat Suara is still going to work with other council members to bring forward another resolution to address this in the future.


  • BL2024-427 (Passed) Mayor O’Connell’s transit referendum
  • BL2024-428 (Passed) authorizing the establishment of an East Bank Development Authority


  • BL2024-375 (Passed) "Build It Right" bill regarding workplace safety and audits of Metro construction agreement. Significant changes were made to the bill, including adding a contractor as a representative on the board and eliminating DEI language. The $300,000 needed to fund the board was added to this year’s budget.


  • BL2024-373 (Passed) The Budget Ordinance of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee for Fiscal Year 2025.
  • BL2024-374 (Passed) establishing the tax levy in the General Services District for the fiscal year 2024-2025.
  • BL2024-376 (Passed) creating the officer, 311 call center, helicopter mechanic, and other safety positions