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No. 267: Wearing Forbidden Symbols to the Country Fair

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Good morning, everyone.

CMA Fest is next week, but it's not the lineup that's made the news recently. It's the festival's decision to ban attendees from displaying Confederate imagery that's adorned the headlines. The policy is explicitly laid out in the "Prohibited Items & Activities" section of the FAQ portion of the website alongside things like bikes, fireworks, outside alcohol, and laser pointers.

Curiously absent is any mention of National Socialist, Communist, or pertinent to today, Russian insignia. Presumably, there's some higher shared moral code that would prevent such symbols from appearing in as civilized a locale as the CMA Fest, right?

That said, none of the above are explicitly prohibited, so you won't be turned away if you show up with a swastika on your hat.


Today, we look at Robby Starbuck's second attempt to get back on the GOP primary ballot, assess home prices in Nashville, look at a fresh new album from Dream Machine, and look at who's living paycheck to paycheck.

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Yesterday, Davidson Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins heard the arguments regarding disqualified 5th district US Congressional Republican candidate Robby Starbuck’s case against the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) and the TRP State Executive Committee (SEC). The civil lawsuit filed by Starbuck against the party called for a temporary injunction to void the decisions made during an SEC board meeting where three Republican party candidates (Robby Starbuck included) were disqualified from the 2022 August Republican primary ballot.

The backbone of his case relied heavily upon the notion that the TRP violated its own bylaws. When looking at the actual wording within the TRP’s bylaws, it is clear that it didn’t. Even if Judge Perkins finds a problem with the lack of transparency during the SEC meeting and grants a temporary injunction to void their decision, it will come at a cost and create an entirely new precedent that will have implications for Freedom of Association rights. It also doesn't guarantee that the State Election Commission (who prepares the ballots for the primary election) will violate its own protocol and reinstate Robby Starbuck to the ballot in time for the August primary election, regardless of such a ruling. What seems more likely to come from this lawsuit is Tennessee Republican Party infighting regarding protocol, power, and hierarchy within the local ranks.

We lay all out the details of yesterday’s hearing in much greater detail on the website.



Housing prices in Nashville have more than doubled over the past 10 years, partly because of a population boom that has brought nearly 400,000 new residents to the metropolitan area. That has pushed some locals farther away from the city center, adding hours to their weekly commutes. Meager public-transit options mean soaring fuel prices are hitting them especially hard.

Housing, Child Care, Utilities—Nashville Faces Exceptional Inflation Hit From All Sides
WSJ, 1 June 2022, Read Online


Our semi-regular segment admiring Nashville's latest architectural achievements (More Info)

Through the Looking Glass Man, I've always wanted my house to be the exact reflection of my neighbor's.




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  • Permits issued for Nashville Yards entertainment segment (Post)
  • Nashville’s multifamily sector leads the nation (Post)
  • Plans evolve for project eyed for Germantown (Post)
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⍉ [Album Review] Dream Machine:  Living the Dream

In a world where self-censorship has run rampant and many are afraid to speak freely, we have at least one reason to remain hopeful for the future — Dream Machine is back. Their highly anticipated 3rd studio album Living the Dream is out today (June 3, 2022) on Fuzz City Records. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Living the Dream is a groovy departure from the slightly heavier, darker sounds of their last album. This time, they offer up an inspiring dream-themed journey punctuated with epic guitar and synth solos. The husband and wife duo Matthew and Doris Melton are joined by Billy Odyssey on drums.

Their penchant for vintage analog instruments and recording is displayed at full force, as well as their shared admiration for the musical stylings of the 70s and 80s. Dream Machine is building on the classics with their most confident and polished work to date.

Matthew and Doris are fostering positive change with their fearless commentary and thought provoking music, invoking many of the greats that came before them. They have gone hard in the paint, as it were, in support of free speech — bringing them notoriety, especially in spaces where music fans still appreciate freedom of expression in the arts.  

Not long ago, in 2017, the husband and wife duo were abruptly dropped from their record label and denounced publicly for crimes including suggesting female musicians should be proficient at their instruments or that illegal immigrants with a criminal record should be deported. Instead of cowering they instead fought back, shifting to self-release on Matthew's record label Fuzz City Records and continuing to build upon their adoring fanbase with their excellent YouTube channel.

Continue reading...


Source One-Third of Americans Making $250,000 Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Survey Finds (Read)


  • 💸 President Biden discussed steps to address high inflation at a White House meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell as his administration signals growing urgency to ease rapidly rising prices that threaten the U.S. economy.
  • ❌ Declaring "Enough, enough!" U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday called on Congress to ban assault weapons, expand background checks and implement other gun control measures to address a string of mass shootings that have struck the United States.
  • 🇮🇹 Starting from June 1, travellers from all over the world will be able to enter Italy restriction-free as the latter has decided to drop all of its COVID-19 entry rules.
  • 🚼 More than two-thirds of Americans want to uphold Roe v. Wade, and most favor women having access to legal abortion for any reason, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll that shows a four-decade evolution in the country’s viewpoints regarding the procedure.
  • 🏛 Michael Avenatti, the former attorney for Stormy Daniels, was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday for stealing nearly $300,000 in book advance money from the adult film star.


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