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No. 125: Weekend Reading

⁂ Nashville's Alt-Daily ⁂ Some suggestions to get you through your weekend

Good morning, everyone.

Take the weekend to do some reading. Below, we suggest some of the best from The Pamphleteer as well as pieces we enjoyed from the "greater internet" from the past week.

Thanks for reading.


Pure Cinema The first in Jerod Hollyfield's series explores the history of The Belcourt and its place in the city's zeitgeist (Read)

Always an Island, Ain't It? A fight over fishing rights in the English Channel reveals a larger rift at play across the globe (Read)

It's Not What You Think San Francisco's soft on crime initiatives border on neglect (Read)

A Brief History of Nashville's Parks William Harwood kicks off his series exploring the parks of Nashville with a timeless view from Luke Lea Heights tracing the origins of the city, its park system, and possibly even life itself (Read)

Fall in Love With Your Car We take our cars for granted and this is a mistake... (Read)

"Let's Go, Brandon!" Saying f*ck the President ain't what it used to be... (Read)

✻ Three Takeaways from Special Session Tennessee Republicans draw a new line against federal overreach in Tennessee’s most recent special session (Read)

⏎ Bend the Ear Who do Tennessee lawmakers really represent? (Read)

More Weekend Reading

♠︎ MUST READ Stupid and Evil in Equal Measure Mass containment as conspiracy and as emergent phenomenon

◉ Sc3nius We live in exceptionally rare times. We’re a part of the first global, internet-native scene.

☤ The new rules of medicine The pandemic has ushered in significant new changes to how the medical community operates.

⚙︎ Was life better in hunter-gatherer times? For the last 200 years or so, life has been getting better for the average human in the world. What about for the 300,000+ years before that?

Words of Wisdom
“You cannot run away from a weakness, you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now and where you stand?”

Robert Louis Stevenson