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No. 243: The Final Productivity Hack

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Good morning, everyone.

Well, it's Friday, so I reckon I should give some rousing call of the "adorn yourself in linen" or "buy a convertible" variety.

I saw this video the other day where a guy was talking about treating every day the same as a way to hack your productivity. In other words, there are no "Fridays," today is simply a new day just like any other day with no special characteristics. According to this productivity guru, if you do this for every day, you'll see some increase in either your productivity or your life satisfaction.

I started calling it the "primitive tribesman" hack. You must go to sleep each night with the same anxiety as an indian might not knowing whether or not the sun will rise again in the morning. And then, when its roaring glory crests the horizon, you are to cheer in relief and run into the streets in celebration. That enthusiasm should carry over into your daily activities and propel you to great heights.

There are people who make a living telling you things like this. Just thought you should know.


Today, we take a look at the state's latest budget, gander at a series of graphs on where Musk got his money and how massive US oil production is, and watch an old David Lynch Adidas commercial.

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The 112th Tennessee General Assembly has wrapped things up and bills and budgets have made their way to the Governor’s desk. The state legislature has wrestled through mountains of bills. Those that passed in the TN House and Senate must all await the Governor’s final approval into law. As the executive branch of the state, the Governor can pass legislation with his signature, allow it to pass without his signature (which happened with the new bill enacting residency requirements for US House of Representative candidates elected in TN), or veto a bill and let it die. Here are a few things sitting on the Governor’s desk.


The Governor proposed a 2022-23 budget with a few things the legislature did not agree on. The Tennessee House and Senate did pass a budget. Here are a few notable expenditures awaiting the Governor’s approval.

What’s In

  • $500M Stadium bond
  • $22.9B in allocated funding
  • $68M relief in non-recurring in broadband tax credit
  • 30-day grocery tax break
  • $111M relief in non-recurring vendor compensation, 2.8M allocated to rural farmers
  • $200M for the state’s rainy day fund
  • 6.4B for the Department of Education
  • $1.8B for Department of Transportation
  • $253M for Department of Health
  • $464M for Department of Child Services
  • $114M for the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

What’s out

  • $200M to move schools from flood plains
  • $8M to make Juneteenth a paid holiday


Now awaiting the Governor’s signature, Lee’s proposed new education funding formula did make it through the state House and Senate and is sitting on the Governor’s desk.


The houses passed a bill that would fine those who create homeless encampments near highways. The fine is $50 or community service. Local leaders have come forward asking the Governor to veto the bill.


Top grocers in Nashville-area, by 2021 market share (Source: Axios)




  • SomeraRoad Continues Its Gulch Transformation With A Pair Of New Towers (Now Next)
  • New York eatery to open Wedgewood-Houston outpost (Post)
  • Mixed-use tower proposed for Midtown could rise 32 floors (Post)
  • Airport-area industrial building sells for $9M (Post)
  • Dickerson Pike site sells for $2.1M (Post)
  • Medical office building eyed for 21st Avenue (Post)
  • New music venue Timberhawk Hall to open in Madison in 2023 (Main Street)


Source: WSJ

Source: Acorn

Source: Bloomberg




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