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No. 247: All Eyes on the Fifth

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Good morning, everyone.

If you weren't aware, we are not doing Bar Hours tonight. We've decided to move the happy hour to the last Thursday of every month. Hope to see you at Lucky's 3 Star Bar on May 26th.

Today, we look at Robby Starbuck's lawsuit against the TN GOP for taking him off the ballot, survey Toronto's housing market to help us understand what's to come in the US, and observe, in 4k, Trump derangement syndrome (TDS).

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There’s no question that the US 5th Congressional District Race in Tennessee has been charged with its fair share of drama over the last six months. After the 5th District’s incumbent, Representative Jim Cooper, announced that he’d be retiring from his position due to redistricting, all attention shifted to the Republican primary race.

The stage has been set on a national level pitting fresh Tennessee transplants vying for the Republican nod against hometown heroes who have the benefit of an established root system in the Tennessee GOP. On the 21st of April, the State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party mailed in their request to withdraw three Republican Party candidates from the August Primary Ballot. The candidates included the Trump-endorsed Morgan Ortagus and high profile political social media gadfly Robby Starbuck.


Starbuck refuses to take the blow lying down. After the decision, Starbuck released a statement requesting the SEC overturn the decision. The request came with a deadline accompanied by the threat of a lawsuit. It would’ve been impossible for the State Executive Committee to overturn their decision and as promised, Starbuck filed his lawsuit on Tuesday.


Starbuck’s lawsuit points out a few discrepancies regarding the Tennessee Republican Party’s State Executive Committee meeting in which Robby Starbuck, Morgan Ortagus, and Baxter Lee were kicked off the Primary Ballot.

Claim One: Starbuck claims the Tennessee Republican Party violated the Qualifications Clause of the United States Constitution by adding party qualifications that are not in the United States Constitution.

Claim Two: Starbuck claims the Tennessee Republican Party violated his procedural due process rights by not accurately notifying him of the reason for the challenge to his bona fide status, holding meetings in secret, and providing conflicting justifications for his removal.

Claim Three: Starbuck claims his First Amendment rights were violated when the Tennessee Republican Party removed his right to ballot access for reasons that are outside their scope of authority.

Claim Four: Starbuck claims that the closed door meeting held by the members of the SEC where they voted Starbuck, Ortagus, and Lee off the ballot was in direct violation of Tennessee’s Open Meeting Act.


The discourse has caused ripples throughout the Tennessee GOP. Some of the criticisms made by Starbuck have directly targeted former Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, and the establishment Tennessee GOP. When asked about what he hopes to accomplish with the lawsuit Starbuck told The Pamphleteer, “Our ideal outcome is direct placement back on the ballot”. Despite the fact that TN GOP leaders and SEC board members have remained discrete in the media regarding the lawsuit, Starbuck will only go down if he goes down swinging, continuing, “With the animosity we've seen from SEC members, we don't believe I could get a fair vote from them.”

The strain on the party has already given the 5th district Democratic candidate, Heidi Campbell, campaign ammunition. She even went as far as to release a statement saying she was glad to see that the TN GOP kicked off the Trump-endorsed and far right candidates. Party leaders in Tennessee also fear that the move may affect Nashville’s chances of winning the bid to host the Republican National Convention.

On the other side of the coin, Tennessee leaders and active Republican party members have expressed concerns about Starbuck’s unflattering description of Tennessee’s GOP and how it will affect the party. “I'm not worried about worsening relations with anyone who's upset about this lawsuit,” Starbuck says in reply. “I'm doing the right thing.”


The defendants named in the lawsuit filed by Starbuck are the State GOP Chair Scott Golden, Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett, and the state coordinator of elections, Mark Goins. In a few conversations The Pamphleteer had with State Executive Board Members before the lawsuit was officially filed, the SEC members and the state GOP chair anticipated the lawsuit and seemed ready to tackle whatever was coming down the pipes. We’ve reached out for a statement from all three defendants and are awaiting a reply.


  • Metro City Council considering buying downtown property for $20 million (WZTV) (WZTV) Metro City Council is considering buying a historic property downtown for $20 million. Council members already voted against buying the same property back in 2019 for about half the price, at $11 million. Council members were split in 2019 because they couldn’t agree on the future of that historic building. But some city leaders, including Mayor John Cooper, are currently trying to buy the property for a second time for double the cost.
  • Hotel-motel tax increase sought to partially fund new Titans stadium (Tennessean) State and local officials are pursuing a third major funding stream to help cover the massive bill for Nashville’s proposed new professional football stadium. Rep. Bill Beck, D-Nashville, submitted an amendment to a bill in the House finance subcommittee Wednesday opening the door for the Metro Council to consider raising the city's hotel-motel tax to put additional revenue toward a new Tennessee Titans stadium.
  • Council member Freddie O'Connell announces 2023 bid for Nashville mayor  (Tennessean)  Downtown Councilmember Freddie O'Connell is running for Nashville mayor in 2023, he confirmed to The Tennessean Wednesday. O'Connell has served District 19, the city's most populous and fastest-growing district, since 2015. "I spend a lot of my time in actual neighborhoods," O'Connell said.




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The housing market in Toronto offers us a glimpse of what's to come in the US as the Federal Reserve considers the biggest rate hike in more than 20 years.

Two weeks ago, the Bank of Canada raised its baseline rate from 0.5% to 1% and indicated it plans to raise it again by another 50 basis points in June to bring baseline rates to 1.5%. The housing market in Toronto, one of the hottest in the world during the Covid-era of suppressed interest rates, wasted no time in responding to the announcement.

The average housing price in the area sank 6.4% from March to April, and the number of houses sold decreased by 26%. The sudden decline in buyer interest signals that Canada's housing market, which has seen price increases of around 50% over the past two years, is set to reverse course. Like Nashville, Toronto's housing inventory remains low even as it trends upwards month to month in response to rate increases.

If you're looking for a good perspective on America's housing market, check out Bill McBride's assessment of housing affordability on his Substack, Calculated Risk.

Source: Toronto Home Prices Drop Most in Two Years as Rates Slam Market
Bloomberg, 4 May 2022, Read Online


Source @paulg




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