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No. 292: The Pamphleteer Summer Streaming Guide

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Good morning, everyone.

Well, early voting started today. If you're curious about what's on the ballot, be sure to check out our handy voter guide.

If you're looking for something to watch this weekend, check out our Summer Streaming Guide.


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Checkout out our Davidson County August Voter Guide. The best and easiest way to prepare before you head to the polls.

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Three Republican candidates vying for the 5th district’s U.S. Congressional seat took the stage for a debate on Tuesday night. Presented by the Epoch Times, the format included a panel of experts that dove into the most pressing concerns of the American people. While candidates used the platform to express their knowledge, understanding, and vision for the future, they also used it as a way to point out the flaws of some of their opponents. Below, The Pamphleteer reviewed and fact-checked three of the more interesting statements made by the candidates and panelists during the debate.


Claim “Beth Harwell approved the IMPROVE Act of 2017 which raised the gas tax 6 cents on every gallon… for every penny we raise the gas tax, we raise $34M for the state of Tennessee. That’s from your pockets. For every 6 cents, that $192M. Over 5 years. That’s over $900M. That’s about a billion dollars of your wealth transferred to the state.”

Fact Check Partially True
While ultimately supporting the IMPROVE Act, Beth Harwell filed an alternative bill in 2017 because of concerns she had with the IMPROVE Act. Harwell took issue with the gas tax increase and, in her alternative bill, the funding to help take on the 962 state-wide transportation projects would have come out of the state’s general fund instead. Ultimately the IMPROVE Act was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam with a state gas tax increase of 6 cents for gasoline and 10 cents for diesel. To counterbalance the gas tax increase, the bill also decreased the grocery tax; another stipulation in the bill Harwell took issue with.

As reported by the Johnson City Press, when addressing the food tax decrease Harwell stated, “I’ll tell you once you do away with a tax, especially like a food tax, you will never get it back.” In referring to her unsuccessful alternative bill, “That was an alternative that we put forward in the House. It was defeated. So at the end of the day, I don't feel like we could ever be like Congress. You don't sit on your hands (and say) 'I didn't get my way, therefore I'm not doing anything.”


Claim “The number of Congressional seats of each state is determined by Congress when they do reapportionment after every Census… Just recently, the Census Bureau released a survey in which they admitted that they had made mistakes in the Census. They over-counted eight states all of which, except for one, were blue states and they undercounted six states all of which were red except for one blue state.”

Fact Check True
The Census Bureau reported that they under-counted the populations of:

  • Arkansas (-5.04),
  • Florida (-3.48),
  • Illinois (-1.97),
  • Mississippi (-4.11),
  • Tennessee (-4.78)
  • Texas (-1.92).

And over-counted the populations of:

  • Delaware (+5.45)
  • Hawaii (+6.79)
  • Massachusetts (+2.24)
  • Minnesota (+3.84)
  • New York (+3.44)
  • Ohio (+1.49)
  • Rhode Island (+5.05)
  • Utah (+2.59)

This miscount means Florida didn't get two Congressional seats it should have gotten, Texas didn’t get one seat it should have gotten, and both Minissesota and Rhode Island retained a seat they shouldn’t have.


Claim “In 2001, Beth Harwell voted to give illegal aliens driver's licenses in the state of Tennessee.”

Fact Check True
According to Johnson City Press, Beth Harwell did vote in favor of a bill in 2001 which gave driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Three years later, another piece of legislation was passed which negated the 2001 bill and established that certificates for driving would be given to illegal aliens instead. These certificates can only be used for driving and not for identification purposes. Harwell supported this bill as well.




  • Amazon pauses office construction at downtown tower to reimagine layout for hybrid work (NBJ)
  • Last Chance Liquors reopens after renovation (Post)
  • Mixed-use building under construction listed for sale (Post)
  • The Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee To Boast Nashville’s Newest 99% Mass Timber Development (Now Next)
  • Middle Tennessee's only public Arnold Palmer golf course adds clubhouse, restaurant (Channel 5)
  • Proper Saké Co. Opens Rice Vice in East Nashville (Scene)


By Jerod Hollyfield

For those concerned COVID would forever change collective experience, the entertainment industry’s recent trajectory has offered a much-needed palate cleanser from the doom and gloom that began two years ago. A slew of blockbusters from Top Gun: Maverick to Minions: The Rise of Gru have defied expectations, reviving theatrical moviegoing among families and older audiences and highlighting studios’ dunderheaded move of  dropping their tentpole projects on struggling streaming sites for much of last year. Tired of shelling out $11.99 monthly to dozens of services with less selection than the video stores of yore, consumers have reframed their priorities; what once was the pinnacle of creative disruption has shifted into an uncertain future. Amid these changing habits, Netflix began a fall from grace, a warning sign that has shaken the industry to such an extent that customers returning to cable has become a viable option.

Streaming can prove an asset to those wanting to access early premieres and rare titles in a film culture where a handful of projects dominate movie screens and services are more concerned with volume than quality. The following is our seasonal curated list we hope will allow readers to cut down on scrolling through options, spend more time outside, and experience the best streaming has to offer between now and August 31st.

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You can view our full calendar here.

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🎻 The Cowpokes @ Acme Feed & Seed, 12p, Free, Info

🍀 Live Irish Music @ McNamara’s Irish Pub, 6p, Free, Info

🌕 Full Moon Pickin' Party @ Percy Warner, 6p, $25, Info

🎸 Kelly’s Heroes @ Robert’s Western World, 6:30p, Free, Info

🤠 Wrangler's Campground Rodeo @ Land Between the Lakes, 7:30p, $7, Info

🎙 Stephanie Adlington @ Rudy's Jazz Room, 8:30p, $22, Info

🎙 Anne McCue & The Cubists, Dee's Lounge, 9p, Free, Info


🎙 Musicians Corner @ Centennial Park, 12p, Free, Info

🏎 Drag Race @ Music City Raceway, 3p, $12, Info

🎻 Cornelia Fort Pickin' Party @ Shelby Bottoms, 5:30p, $18, Info

🍀 Live Irish Music @ McNamara’s Irish Pub, 6p, Free, Info

🎸 Kelly’s Heroes @ Robert’s Western World, 6:30p, Free, Info

🤠 Wrangler's Campground Rodeo @ Land Between the Lakes, 7:30p, $7, Info

🎺 Big Band Dance Lessons @ Centennial park, 7:30p, Free, Info

🕺 Funk Night @ Dee's Lounge, 8p, $5, Info

🤣 Summer Porch Tour w/ RobbieTheFire @ Bon Aqua Computer Club, 8p, $25, Info


🎻 Bluegrass Brunch @ Von Elrod's, 10a, Info

🎺 Jazz on the Cumberland @ Riverfront Park, 5:30p, Free, Info

🕺 Boulevards @ The Basement, 7p, $10, Info

🎸 Chili Munroe & Mic Smith @ 5 Spot, 6p, Info

🎅🏽  Santa's Ice Cold Pickers @ Santa's Pub, 7p, Free, No Info‌‌

🎹 Brainweight @ 5 Spot, 9p, $10, Info
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