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Middle Tennessee House Of Representatives Election Guide

Early voting is underway here in Davidson county and will continue through November 3rd. General Election day is November 8th and on the ballot, we have the governor’s race, all nine US House of Representatives seats, all State House of Representatives seats, half of the State Senate seats, and four constitutional amendments.

Below we are profiling Middle Tennessee candidates running for seats in the State House of Representatives. Also, make sure to review The Pamphleteer’s outline of the four constitutional amendments and the profiles of the Middle Tennessee State Senate candidates before heading to the ballot box

From the General Assembly website:

The state is divided into 99 House districts from each of which one representative is elected. Each district is comprised of approximately 64,102 residents. Representatives are elected to two-year terms with all representatives standing for election at the same time.To qualify for election to the House, one must be 21 years old, a U.S. citizen, a state resident for three years, and a resident of the county in which elected for one year immediately preceding the election.

Find your district here and review a brief summary of each candidate’s platform below.


Incumbent Bo Mitchell (D) is unopposed in state house district 50.

Bo Mitchell is a proponent of medicare and healthcare for all, does not support the current administration’s education reform, is pro-abortion, has helped pass increased penalties for domestic violence and child neglect, and has voted to decrease sales tax on food and sales tax for seniors. Read more about bills Mitchell has been involved with here.


Incumbent Bill Beck (D) is unopposed in state house district 51.

Bill Beck supports transparent government, wants to increase public school funding, wants to expand tax relief for seniors, believes women are underpaid compared to men, and aims to expand Medicare. Read more about bills Beck has been involved with here.


Justin Jones (D) is unopposed in state house district 52.

Justin Jones is a political activist turned representative who claims that systemic racism is woven into the fibers of every hall of power in America. He has led campaigns to expand Medicaid and to repeal restrictive state voter ID laws. You can expect him to push for healthcare for all, sanctuary-type protections for illegal immigrants, progressive approaches to criminal justice reform, and legislation related to green energy.


Incumbent Jason L. Powell (D) will face Dia Hart (R) in state house district 53.

Jason L. Powell is a state advocate for crypto and blockchain, supports the vaccination of children, has worked with anti-drug coalitions, and voted to increase the penalty for drag racing. Powell is known to have a strong relationship with his Hispanic constituents. Read more about bills Powell has been involved with here.

Dia Hart is a conservative candidate who has been a staple in Middle Tennessee political circles. Her main campaign focuses are election integrity, education, patients’ rights, and a commitment to ending human trafficking.


Incumbent Vincent Dixie (D) is unopposed in state house district 53.

Vincent Dixie has voted to increase restrictive gun laws, does not agree with the new funding formular for education put in place this year by the Governor’s office, and does not think issues such as CRT or transgender agendas are being pushed onto children. Read more about bills Dixie has been involved with here.


Incumbent John Ray Clemmons (D) is unopposed in state house district 55.

John Ray Clemmons is a supporter of the Biden administration and local progressives such as Odessa Kelly, is a proponent of stricter gun laws, has supported lowering bail, is a proponent of mail-in and absentee voting, and is a far-left representative. Read more about bills Clemmons has been involved with here


Incumbent Bob Freeman (D) is unopposed in state house district 56.

Bob Freeman is pro-abortion, opposed a bill that was designed to remove explicit LGBTQIA-related materials from schools, supports the legalisation of recreational marijuana, and has a history of working well on bi-partisan legislation. Read more about bills Freeman has been involved with here.


Incumbent Susan M Lynn (R) is unopposed in state house district 57.

Susan M Lynn is pro-life, believes in limited government, states’ rights, and capitalism; is against state income tax, is pro-2A, and fights to protect the constitution. Read more about bills Lynn has been involved with here.


Incumbent Harold M. Love Jr. (D) is unopposed in state house district 58.

Harold M. Love Jr. He is the House Democratic assistant leader and Vice President of The National Black Caucus of State Legislators as well as the pastor of Lee Chapel AME Church. He supports healthcare for all, progressive criminal justice reform policies, supports the Biden-Harris Administration Agency Equity Action Plans, and the student loan forgiveness plan. Read more about bills Love has been involved with here.


Michelle Foreman (R) will face Caleb Hemmer (D) in state house district 59 and is set to be a tight race. The incumbent, Jason Potts (D), is not seeking reelection citing “personal stress and alleged discrimination from the Republican supermajority” as his reasons for stepping down.

Michelle Foreman supports low tax initiatives, and limited government, does not support open border policy, advocates for law enforcement officers, is against mandated COVID vaccinations, and supports parental involvement in public education.

Caleb Hemmer is a businessman who supports healthcare for all, is pro-abortion, recognizes inflation and wants to address it with affordable housing, supports stricter gun laws, and supports law enforcement while also maintaining that equitable criminal justice reform measures should be taken.


Incumbent Darren Jernigan (D) will face Christopher Huff (R) in state house district 60.

Darren Jernigan supports expanding Medicaid, voted against the new education funding formula, supports funding police to address safety, and supports a state income tax. Read more about bills Jernigan has been involved with here.

Christopher Huff is running on supporting small businesses in Tennessee, lower taxes, supporting law enforcement, is pro-2A, and is pro-life.


Gino Bulso (R) will face Steven M Cervantes (D) in state house district 61. The incumbent, Brandon Ogles (R), announced that he is stepping away from the position in order to accept a national opportunity to advocate for victims of violent crimes.

Gino Bulso is pro-life, pro-2A, believes in limited government, expresses himself as a Reagan Republican, doesn’t believe in out-of-control governmental spending, and believes in the constitution.

Steven M Cervantes has established a platform as a proponent of healthcare for all and affordable housing.


Jake McCalmon (R) will face Kisha Davis (D) in state house district 63. The incumbent, Glen Casada (R), announced he would not be running for reelection amidst his indictment for alleged fraud, theft, and bribery.  

Jake McCalmon is a low-tax, limited government, pro small business conservative who is pro-life and against puberty blockers and transitional surgeries on minors.

Kisha Davis is a proponent of universal, equitable, and affordable healthcare, opposes school choice, will support green policies, and believes the voting process is too restrictive and inequitable.


Incumbent Sam Whitson (R) is unopposed in state house district 65.

Sam Whitson is pro-2A, an advocate for updating Tennessee’s infrastructure, is pro-life, pro-business, and advocates for market-value healthcare. Read more about bills Whitson has been involved with here.