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No. 249: The Pamphleteer Podcast

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Good morning, everyone.

We released the first episode of our new weekly podcast this morning. It's not available on Apple, Spotify, etc. quite yet so you'll have to follow this link to access it. We'll be releasing these roughly hour-long episodes every Monday.

The episodes will echo the format of the newsletter. We'll start out with an intro, move along to a discussion about something pertaining to Nashville, look at a national or global topic that we find interesting, and then preview some concerts coming up over the next week. When we're fortunate enough to find a guest, we'll invite someone from outside The Pamphleteer on for an interview.

Today, we parse out how the city plans to deal with homeless concerns, take a look at some clean energy initiatives in Nashville, and observe some trends regarding Americans' return to the office.

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Homelessness has been a major topic in Davidson county as well as many other developing counties across Tennessee. Homeless encampments are already illegal in the Volunteer State, but recent surges in dangerous and hazardous conditions developing in encampments have fueled local and statewide action by officials.

Brookmeade park is an example of where homeless encampments got out of hand. Drug paraphernalia, trash, and dumpster fires are just some of the recent intrusions upon the surrounding area. With little police intervention, shop owners and local residents were left to fend for themselves.

While the local District Attorney, Mayor, Metro Council Members, and Police Chief stump more on the topic, the State Legislature passed a bill that criminalizes camping on private or public property. Though the bill became law without Governor Lee’s signature, homeless campers can face felony charges including fines and community service.

Though this type of solution doesn’t sit well with many local public figures, Metro Council and Mayor Cooper have had little impact with their more accommodating approaches. In fact, some of these homelessness solutions seem to be more useful on campaign resumes than in practice. A Fox 17 special investigation has uncovered that over 100 homeless pods are going unused. After spending local dollars on positively publicized humanitarian solutions, taxpayers are left wondering why businesses and residents are threatened by homeless encampments, increased drug overdoses, and unanswered calls for public safety while the pods are not being utilized.

From homeless encampment solutions to trash solutions, at what point do solutions become more like a hole in a sinking boat and less an oar to the shore? The Pamphleteer plans to explore these proposed solutions further while we watch countless WeGo buses pass by without passengers.


Funding for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure as laid out in the bipartisan infrastructure framework (More Info)



  • Lee Signs Abortion Influence Education Act Into Law (TCN) The bill prohibits a Local Education Agency (LEA) or public charter school from knowingly entering into an agreement with an individual or entity that performs abortions, induces abortions, provides abortion referrals, or provides funding, advocacy, or other support for abortions
  • New federal courthouse officially opens (Post) The new Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building officially opens Friday after several days of partial operations and years of planning, designing and construction.


  • 🍔 Former HoneyFire BBQ Pitmaster Plans New Burger Joint (Scene)
  • New York firm buys 12South church for $10M, its second acquisition in the neighborhood (NBJ)
  • Ashland & Clarksville Pike Slated For Another Mixed-Use Development In North Nashville (Now Next)
  • Berry Hill site adjacent to I-440 listed for sale (Post)
  • Hotel planned for Midtown property (Post)
  • Midtown site slated for mixed-use project (Post)




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